Amsel & Co. specializes in the various fields of the Land and Commercial laws:


Real-Estate and Property laws:
Including A to Z legal counseling for entrepreneurs, constructors, construction and investment companies and acquisition groups, from the stage of initial interest in the deal by the client and until the stage of final realization of the project. The Firm has gained special expertise in various neighborhoods of central Tel-Aviv including the Rothschild Boulevard and Sea Shore areas.


  Property Management
Our Firm provides management services regarding property owned by foreign and Israeli clients in Israel.




Administrative and Infrastructure laws
he firm is a member of the legal counseling cadre of the National Roads Company , and provides legal counseling in projects of new roads building, rods extension, bridge construction, including handling the alienation procedure – negotiations with the land owners, taking possession of the land, handling damages and compensations claims, etc. representation of the National Roads Company in the negotiations re agreements vis-à-vis the construction companies. Special expertise in administrative petitions to the administrative courts and the High Court of Justice. 



Corporate and Commercial laws
Legal counseling regarding the ongoing activity of client companies, M&A, commercial litigation, etc.



 Ukrainian law – the Firm has a daughter company under the name Amsel & Co. Law Firm LLC which was founded in 1999 and provides legal services to most of the prominent Israeli traded companies, investors, Israeli government bodies and Jewish organs in Ukraine.

Amsel & Co. is the only Ukrainian law firm owned and managed by an Israeli law Firm. Amsel & Co. employs a team of 15 professionals, out of which 9 lawyers and one certified accountant. The head of the Firm is Advocate Igor Fridmo an esteemed member of the Ukrainian legal community who published various articles in legal journals in Ukraine. Igor's main area of expertise is Real-Estate Projects and transactions, Corporate and Tax laws.




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Amsel Levi Hasid
Amsel & Co. is a daughter company of Amsel-Levi-Hasid Law Offices and Notary operating in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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