The Ukrainian LLC "Amsel & Co. Law Firm" was founded on April 28th 1999 in Kiev, Ukraine and has been active in Ukraine ever since while gaining significant connections and expertise.


Amsel & Co.'s main expertise is in Bridging the Gap between foreign and Ukrainian investors, in the juridical sphere as well as in bridging the mentality gap between the two groups. From our experience many deals between foreign investors and Ukrainian businessmen have failed due to mutual the business mentality gap between the parties and therefore we see it as our task not only to provide excellent legal advice but also:


Bridge the mentality gap while putting the emphasis on the genuine risks.


Differ the principle from
the secondary


Provision of conclusive practical answers to our client's needs while conducting their business in Ukraine.  

Amsel & Co.'s Service Conception – as part of its mother company's concept, Amsel & Co. also functions as a "One Stop Shop" for its clients in Ukraine. Beyond the legal service the Firm offers a "Comprehensive Service Package" based on the client's needs, including:

Accountants, Private Investigators, Land Appraisal Services, Architects, Engineers, registration services in various registries, foreign and domestic company incorporation, etc.


Naturally due to the long years of activity in Ukraine, the Firm has gained good connections in the various administrative and legislative authorities in Ukraine which are being leveraged for the client's needs.


Amsel & Co. is currently active in projects in the following cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Uzhgorod, Chernovtsy, Vinnitsa and Kremenchug.   


Amsel & Co. provides its legal material in the following languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian and Hebrew.




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Amsel Levi Hasid
Amsel & Co. is a daughter company of Amsel-Levi-Hasid Law Offices and Notary operating in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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